(BETA) Etsy Verified Customers by YTuong.me (Eng)

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Karen Customer Checker Extension, Etsy Verified Customers Extension.

This is such a helpful extension! Definitely a must-have if you're an Etsy seller. Absolutely awesome app!!

You can gain an insight into the type of customer you are dealing with prior to fulfilling their order.

These problems will surely be solved for you:

  • Get a glimpse of new client's past reviews
  • Helps weed out potential Karens before they can make too big of a problem.
  • Lets you know if you might have a difficult customer right from the start so you can handle it accordingly.

How to download:

  1. Enter "$0" to the text box under "Name a fair price:"
  2. Click "I want this" and get the link to download.

How to send feedback:

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